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Thai cosmetics brand Oriental Princess helps women confront social labels and pressures

The brand created the Oriental Princess Society, reachable both online and offline, which now has 1 million-plus members throughout Thailand. Its message to these women: Take pride in yourself rather than worry about how others see you. A recent commercial illustrates this, asking empowering questions like, “Why be like everyone else? Why not accept the way you are?” and “Why not listen to yourself?”

Online, the society acts like a social and discussion network. Women set up an account with filters that let them choose issues of interest. Content is generated by members or invited guests. When relevant issues are posted, the women who have expressed interest are tagged and involved in the discussion. These discussions then become themes that come to life offline at the Oriental Princess stores, where members can be more actively involved with the society. Through the society, Oriental Princess illustrates that it’s not just another cosmetics brand selling a promise.